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Genius IE is an engineering consortium specializing in 3D applications. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is accelerating in its use and we are experts in applying the technology effectively. Where client needs extend past part manufacture, we provide equipment, supplies and essential training to get the most out of the technology.

Our Services

Bringing your part into reality

Rapid Prototyping

AM is not one size fits all and we apply custom applications of technology to each client in order to best produce a prototype. With service offerings on SLS, SLA, Polyjet, Binderjet, FFF, FDM, Injection Moulding, CNC Milling & more we are prepared to get you the parts you need, as fast as you need them.

Lab Installation

Genius IE has vast experience in building AM facilities. Familiarity with all major brands of equipment, industry-leading workflow & equipment upkeep procedures gives us critical insight on how to organize your lab. Let us generate SOP’s for your facility and take the worries out of your investment: it’s as easy as following our roadmap.(figure out a better way of saying this last bit)

Maintenance Programs

Genius IE has over 5 years experience in building and maintaining AM equipment. From hobbyist 3D printers to heavy commercial / industrial 3D production platforms we have used it, maintained it and often fixed it. Instead of worrying about your equipment - worry about your projects and let Genius IE take care of the rest.

Additive Manufacturing Instruction

Genius IE has been offering classes, tutorials & after-school programs for years. We are closest to the technology and believe in sharing our knowledge gained through the design, maintenance and manufacture of 3D equipment.

3D Part Design

Genius IE uses the most innovative, and trusted software to develop our own parts. Put our designers to work developing your latest part and take the tinkering out of your development.

Our Team

Serious about our work and your success

Curtis Ingleton

Curtis is a trained Additive Manufacturing Specialist and experienced 3D Print technician. With these skillsets he founded Genius IE: an engineering consortium focused on Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology. Curtis conducts his research in cooperation with both industry and academia to create future materials, processes and equipment. His services have been sought out by General Motors, Magna Corporation and Clik-Clik to name a few. When he isn’t designing or writing curriculum he’s likely found in the bush or on a boat.

Andrei Aref

Production Manager
Andrei has been a training on-the-job for over three years and now constructs, maintains, tests and runs Genius IE’s 3D printers. He has experience operating and maintaining commercial-industrial AM equipment, developing 3D print labs and consulting on product development. He provides feedback to chemical suppliers and acts as a remote customer service representative. Andrei thrives on sharing his experience in AM and can often be found giving an impromptu lesson on a particular technique or process.

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